Estate and Trust Litigation 

Even the most carefully constructed estate plans can be challenged. Circumstances change, unforeseen events occur and the relationships between individuals may break down. An experienced estate litigation attorney can assist when problems arise during the administration of an estate. 

We also handle problems arising from real property such as land, buildings, art, antiques and other valuables. Our lawyers represent beneficiaries, executors, trustees and fiduciaries in matters involving probate and trust administration.  We handle cases involving:

  • Will contests
  • Issues of undue influence, duress and lack of testator capacity
  • Issues regarding disposition of family businesses
  • Sale of estate assets
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Lack of clarity in will or trust language
  • Ownership disputes over property, such as real estate that is listed as part of an estate
  • Lawsuits and collection efforts against estates
  • Asset management
  • Estate and trust accounting
  • Sale and purchase of assets
  • Claims
  • Taxation issues
  • Delayed distributions of trust funds
  • Missing assets
  • Enforcing trust limitations
  • Trust reformation

We have extensive experience helping to resolve matters such as these in state and federal courts and relevant administrative agencies. We represent individual and corporate fiduciaries, beneficiaries and others with interest in a trust, both as plaintiffs and defendants. Our firm also handles arbitrations and mediations to achieve resolution in a less confrontational and often less expensive manner. Whatever the issues involved in an estate, trust or probate dispute, our lawyers have the knowledge to develop a strategy to resolve a problem effectively and quickly.

We know that emotions can run high in disputes over a family member’s estate. Our lawyers are sensitive to the issues involved and take the time to listen to our clients to reveal the full scope of the problem. In this way, we help minimize the stress and animosity that often accompanies estate litigation proceedings.  Because litigation can be expensive, our goal is always to resolve the matter as quickly and effectively as possible to preserve the assets of the estate.

Business and Commercial Litigation

Our business and commercial litigation practice covers the spectrum of business relationships. Its variety parallels the varied commercial businesses and arrangements in which our clients are involved.

We have extensive experience with the breadth of remedies that are sought in business cases. From contract disputes and other commercial matters, to an array of consequential damages claims. The firm is prepared to creatively and persuasively prosecute and defend claims

We believe that litigation is not the only way to resolve legal controversies.  Our experience in arbitration, mediation, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution is extensive, and our lawyers will work with you to discuss the range of available strategies that can be pursued to accomplish the most efficient and effective result in each case.  With accurate case evaluation, efficient staffing, targeted discovery and motion practices, and appropriate technological support, we conduct our litigation matters in ways that make business sense for our clients.